Lucas Hernandez, 5

Emily Anne-Marie Glass did Lucas SO wrong. During the week of February 11th, she killed him and hid his body. Three months later, she ultimately led a private investigator to the site where she left him. Lucas In a Nancy Grace Crime Stories podcast, it was revealed that the private investigator, David Marshburn, swept into Wichita Kansas on his white horse on May 24th and located Lucas within 48 hours. Why do we say a white horse? Because after those three months of intense searching by law enforcement, Texas Equi Search, and multiple local search teams, he is the one who ultimately found little Lucas Hernandez; a sweet, darling boy who was neglected, mistreated, abused, tortured and killed in his short 5 years of life on this earth.

The find wasn’t by happen-chance, however. Another search team, who has consistently flown under the radar and admirably requested to remain anonymous, searched the general area as well and gave that information directly to law enforcement officials. Based on their information, law enforcement’s accounting of the many different stories Emily gave to various people, and Emily’s confessions to Marshburn directly, he was able to pinpoint the very bridge Lucas was patiently waiting to be found under.

Fielding questions from both Grace and credentialed guest Kim Leigh Martin of Missing Pieces Network, Marshburn was able to reconstruct the steps he took that ultimately led to the extraction of information needed from Glass. Throughout the podcast, Marshburn revealed bombshell after bombshell.

According to Marshburn, when he came into town he immediately met Glass and Lucas’ father Jonathon Hernandez at the home of Glass’ aunt. At the time, her ‘demeanor was cold and callous’. Glass wore sunglasses, crossed her arms, responded with short answers, and showed no emotion. So Marshburn left and came back the next morning.  He warned Glass that he knew she had done it, that she had hid Lucas but he was there to help. She then almost immediately told him that she had found Lucas dead in his room on Saturday morning, February 17th. So that day, together they went on a four-hour drive through the dirt roads of northern Wichita searching for Lucas. Throughout the drive, Glass gave hints of the location but nothing specific. Marshburn became upset with Glass and warned her that they would be stopping at every bridge until Lucas was found.

Finally, after crossing the same areas multiple times, Marshburn was able to detect Glass’ tells when they repeatedly hit one certain bridge. It was the first bridge they finally stopped at, in Harvey County south of highway 196, on SE 96th just west of S Woodlawn Road. Lucas’ little body was found.

Marshburn told Grace, “I pull up, I get out, the very first bridge I get too, I lay down on the ground, and I peak my head underneath, and there I see the top of Lucas’ head. And then I see all these branches all on top, and I’m like, I hope this is what I think it is so it’ll be over. I get up and I go down to the bridge and already, the crime scene’s washed away. There’s nothing there except for him and what’s near him and on top of him and all.”

Emily Glass Emily told him the body wasn’t Lucas. So he had his assistant look, and she confirmed that it was indeed little Lucas. Marshburn previously explained that he provided a box of 500 tissues for Emily to cry in, and during the entire ordeal she used only one – to blow her nose. Even when he told Glass it was Lucas, there were no tears for Lucas. All she had to say was “I did Lucas so wrong”. She left the scene of the bridge in the back of a police car, booked on charges of obstruction and interfering with law enforcement, and leaving a wake of anguish in her path.

Later that evening as Lucas was removed from the site, the world watched in dismay and his beautiful mother, Jamie Orr, crumbled in grief.

jamie orr
Jamie Orr and Jonathon Hernandez remember Lucas

Unfortunately, 6 days later Glass was released from the Sedgwick County jail.  According to KWCH12 news, Glass was released with word from the District Attorney announcing no charges would be filed “today” in the case of Lucas Hernandez, as they await the toxicology results from the autopsy report. During her walk of shame from the jailhouse doorsteps, she encountered confused media who didn’t understand why she was being released.   release of EGHer social media groupies are no doubt elated, as they continue to pose as a search team, leak case information that jeopardizes a conviction for this crime, and post pictures of themselves as heroes.  Everyone else is in the world is in support of the victims of this crime – Lucas, his mother, and her family.  Lucas’ father is also grieving, Marshburn having cast the light that he didn’t know what Emily had done until he received the call that Lucas had been found. However, Hernandez will also eventually have to answer to the abuse claims that occurred long before Lucas went missing. We will keep our eyes open to see what develops in the next days, weeks, and months.

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